Colonel Crockett Company

Pens Made WhereThe Road Ends and Paradise Begins

Our pens are made in the Pacific Northwest, atop a two hundred foot bluff looking out over the Straits of Juan DeFuca and the Olympic Mountains, where the road ends and paradise begins. We hand select our woods for their richness of color, grain, and that special quality that speaks to us. The pens are hand crafted by turning them on a lathe, followed by a 14 step finishing process, which allows the natural color and grain to show. In nature, no two pieces of wood are identical, nor are our pens. Each one is unique and one of a kind.

We are continually trying new styles of pens and new species of wood. For multiple orders, discounts are available. Contact us for our latest selections and place an order for that special gift.

This site is under construction. Please check back. Pen photos will be up soon.

The view from our workshop.

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